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How to Integrate ClickFunnels with GetResponse & Why You Should.

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ClickFunnels and GetResponse are both strong pieces of internet marketing software in their own rights, but business owners and marketing professionals get the best of both worlds when they choose to integrate the two services, rather than use them separately.

How to integrate ClickFunnels with GetResponse? Integrating ClickFunnels and GetResponse via API key export allows you to connect your GetResponse service directly to ClickFunnels, creating a system of linked user analytics and seamless customization of copy between email marketing campaigns and your landing pages.

ClickFunnels and GetResponse are both paid subscription services, so buying them both can be a financial gamble for someone running a small business. Integrating the two platforms can be worth the cost though, and in many cases can even save you money. Read on to find out why. 

Why Integrate ClickFunnels and GetResponse?

You might be able to get a lot of functionality out of ClickFunnels and GetResponse separately because they are both “umbrella” platforms to a point. Both ClickFunnels and GetResponse have various features allowing you to set up a faceted marketing campaign.

Despite this, neither platform stands alone as strongly as they do together, and the reason it’s good to integrate ClickFunnels and GetResponse into one social media marketing campaign is that the two services are fundamentally designed for very different things. 

ClickFunnels functions primarily as a landing page builder for your company website. GetResponse does not focus on directing traffic to your site and rather focuses on tracking customer traffic as it comes and goes, collecting data and performing email-based marketing. 

What Is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a social marketing service that customizes landing pages for your website, encouraging visitors to purchase goods and services the moment they hit your site from a search engine while also facilitating user analytics in order to make your site stronger. 

ClickFunnels encourages your customers to buy by setting up sales funnels–this direct marketing strategy focuses on the following methodology for generating a customer purchase:

  • Creating awareness in the consumer that your product exists
  • Generating a positive opinion about your product in the mind of the consumer
  • Making the consumer desire your product above other products
  • Convincing the consumer to make a digital purchase with user-friendly interfaces and easy checkout options

ClickFunnels specializes in landing pages, which are the webpages that are the first pages linked to from search engine.

Landing pages are both the first page the customer lands on when they search your site on a search engine, and they’re also the pages that guarantee that you land that customer if they’re persuasive enough. For this reason, the copy and design on landing pages need to be stellar.

The page-building capacity of ClickFunnels is some of the best in the social media marketing business. With its dozens of custom premade templates, it lets business owners personalize their websites in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and encourages buyers. 

While ClickFunnels prime benefit is producing landing pages, it also has several other features that help fill out a business owner’s digital marketing strategy. Here are some of the other features included with ClickFunnels:

  • Membership groups/subscription systems
  • Custom checkout options (upsell/downsell options, abandoned cart options) 
  • Payment integration with most major online payment processors (Stripe, PayPal, etc…)
  • Webinar capability
  • Split-testing tool analytics that let you test the effectiveness of different landing pages against each other (useful for marketing strategy)
  • Tracking tools that help you create a full dossier of your customers and subsequent strategies for keeping them on as repeat business

Even though ClickFunnels has many useful features for online marketing, customization ranks among the best. Using templates, it’s possible to make all kinds of personalized pages that depict your business exactly how you want to be represented, all while generating sales. 

This can reduce the need for hiring a third-party web developer or creative agency to design and build your business website since ClickFunnels gives you a way to do much of this work as a layman who doesn’t know much about web design. 

Some of the other sales documents that ClickFunnels can create other than landing pages are as follows: 

  • Sales letters. Sales letters are emails designed to generate sales leads and pique the customer’s interest. Sales letters must be written well to avoid being deleted as spam.
  • Video sales letters. Company websites are increasingly trying to incorporate multimedia into their websites for a more interactive, persuasive experience. Video sales letters on your landing page demonstrate a product or provide a testimonial to persuade potential customers.
  • List building pages. One of the main ways to generate new sales leads is to collect a list of contact data on people who visit your website. This is accomplished by setting up opt-in subscriptions for newsletters and promotions on your landing pages. 
  • Safe and secure checkout pages. One way to build credibility for your website is to have your purchasing checkout options run through reputable, legitimate payment processing services like PayPal, and ClickFunnels facilitates that.
  • Upsell pages. To upsell a potential customer, this feature allows you to offer potential upgrades or additional related items to add to the sale once a buyer has already committed to purchasing something. 
  • Downsell pages. When you set up a downsell, you trigger your automated sales system to offer the buyer a discounted item of similar value when a potential buyer visits a listing on your site, but then clicks away to decline the sale. 
  • Webinar funnels. Webinars are a way you can expand from just selling products into selling products and services. Most businesses conducted online have knowledge pools that can be packaged for consumption, marketed, and sold.  
  • Thank you/download pages. Small digital amenities like thank you pages when your customer makes a purchase can often be the difference between a professional-looking website and a shoddy one. In digital design, a sleek interface lends credibility. 
  • Gated subscription areas. Gated subscription areas allow you to “gate” certain parts of your website to people who pay a subscription. This capability has limitless applications across all kinds of digital business. 

What is GetResponse?

Like ActiveCampaign and ClickFunnels’ own Actionetics, GetResponse is designed for email marketing and serves online marketing professionals in over 180 countries with over a billion subscribers. In the world of email marketing, GetResponse takes no prisoners. 

Like ClickFunnels, GetResponse has landing page building capability. Unlike ClickFunnels, it also has strong email marketing features. GetResponse not only allows you to create slick-looking content for your email campaigns, it also has advanced analytics to study your customer base. 

With GetResponse, it’s possible to monitor hour-by-hour changes in sales analytics, categorize your customers for more in-depth analysis, record conversions, and make informed decisions about your digital marketing campaign on the fly. 

GetResponse has features of both a landing page builder and an email marketing service, but that’s not all. Some of the other features included with GetResponse:

  • 500+ premade email templates
  • Accurate targeting to drive sales generation
  • Campaign tracking for all your campaigns from a single dashboard display
  • Sales reports delivered straight to your inbox
  • Split testing for landing pages
  • Autoresponders 2.0
  • Inbox preview so you can see what your customer sees
  • Newsletters and dynamic content
  • Webinars and CRM

Why Use ClickFunnels and GetResponse Together?

Both ClickFunnels and GetResponse are paid subscription services that get progressively more expensive the more nuanced of a package that you buy. Here’s a breakdown of what each service costs and how you can use them together to get the most bang for your buck.

ClickFunnels Cost

ClickFunnels is primarily a landing page builder and sales funnel creator, so its packages are based around that capability. Here are the packages available through ClickFunnels:

  • Startup: $97/month, 100 pages, 20 funnels, 3 custom domains, 20,000 unique
    visitors monthly
  • Enterprise: $297/month; 300 pages, 70 funnels, 20 custom domains, 100,000 unique
    visitors monthly

GetResponse Cost

GetResponse has both email marketing and landing page capabilities, but they are broken out by pricing brackets. Here are the packages available through GetResponse: 

  • Email: $15/month
  • Pro: $49/month
  • Max: $165/month
  • Enterprise: $1199/month

If you use ClickFunnels as your main landing page builder at the basic Startup cost and include the email marketing features of GetResponse in its $15/month package, you can easily combine the platforms to get the best of both worlds at the most economical cost. 

How to Use ClickFunnels and GetResponse Together

Even though they come at the problem of social media marketing from different angles, when the software of both are integrated together, they automate aspects of the business that would otherwise take up a lot of human time and energy, things like:

  • Incorporating Web design into your business site
  • Generating email forms
  • Analyzing sales numbers

If you integrate GetResponse and ClickFunnels, you can set up an effective sales funnel directly from a potential customer’s inbox all the way to the checkout page on your company website. 

Full technical integration means both pieces of software can pull and aggregate analytics every step of the way, giving you a clear picture of how your social media marketing strategy is performing from first contact to purchase.  

How to Technically Integrate ClickFunnels and GetResponse

Compared to the integration of some outside software, integrating GetResponse into ClickFunnels is relatively simple. The first thing you need to do is log in to GetResponse to retrieve your API key, which is unique to your user account. You can find it in the Settings.

Once you have the API key, perform the following to integrate GetResponse into ClickFunnels:

  • Copy the API Key with CTRL+C
  • Log into ClickFunnels
  • In the drop-down menu to Integrations under the Settings tab and click Add New Integration. 
  • Give the integration a name that will help you remember which domain it’s linked to. Picking nomenclature with the domain in it will help you remember which emails go with which
    sales funnel. 
  • Paste in your API key with CTRL+V in the API Key field. 
  • Click Add Integration and you’re finished! 

Squeeze Pages

One of the most effective ways to use ClickFunnels and GetResponse together is to create a squeeze page. A squeeze page, simply put, is a landing page that is designed to encourage customers to subscribe (opt-in) to an email list. 

Once you create a squeeze page with ClickFunnels, you can link that squeeze page into GetResponse in order to take advantage of GetResponse’s user analytics email click-through all the way to checkout. 

Leading the Consumer to the Sales Funnel

Using email marketing capabilities of GetResponse integrated into ClickFunnels, you can lead a customer from their inbox directly to your landing pages. 

From here, where you display your most impressive marketing strategies, persuasive copy, and multimedia, as well as provide immediate options to buy in. Here is where you will place the sales goals of your landing page, which can be any of the following:

  • Completing a purchase
  • Signing up for an email list
  • Downloading a free guide or e-book
  • Reserving an appointment or reserved slot in a class/webinar

Thank You Pages

If you set up sales pages through ClickFunnels at your business website, you can integrate thank you pages from GetResponse in order to really accentuate the entire sales funnel. Thank you pages perform the following functions in your social media marketing:

  • Confirm that the user has completed the action of opting in (subscribing to email newsletters/promotions, download has begun of a webinar or online course, etc…)
  • Reassure the customer that you are a professional website to do business with 
  • Make a parting emotional connection with the customer

Merging Customer Purchase Information

The most useful aspect of integrating ClickFunnels and GetResponse is being able to merge your customer purchase information into GetResponse’s analytics. 

With the two platforms connected, any purchases made on your ClickFunnels landing pages are tracked in both ClickFunnels and GetResponse software, allowing you to take advantage of the various measurements taken by either platform for a more comprehensive view. 

One of the most important aspects of a digital media marketing campaign is user analytics. Besides making your product stand out amongst thousands on the online market, digital advertising also lets a business owner data mine to figure out their target demographic and cater to them for increased sales.

By monitoring the user analytics provided through both ClickFunnels and GetResponse, you’ll get the clearest picture of exactly who your customers are and what they want, so you can position yourself to give it to them.

Why GetResponse Is Preferable to Actionetics

Many potential buyers of these products would wonder why it’s necessary to get GetResponse as a business email marketing service when ClickFunnels has its own version of email marketing software called Actionetics.

The main issue is that you can’t get email marketing capacity with ClickFunnels unless you upgrade to the Edison Suite version, which is $297 a month. Basic ClickFunnels capacity is only $97 a month. In order to access email marketing through ClickFunnels, you’ll pay a whopping extra $200/month.

To circumvent that, by adding an extra $15 a month to your business budget to incorporate GetReponse email marketing instead of upgrading ClickFunnels to access Actionetics, you can avoid the more expensive Edison Suite version of ClickFunnels and stick with the basic package.

This is the difference between paying $112 a month for integrated services between ClickFunnels and GetResponse versus paying almost $300 a month for ClickFunnels alone. For a small business, those kinds of monthly savings are a massive boon to your profit margin and your bottom line.

Here are some other services that you can get through GetResponse’s basic Email plan ($15/month) rather than upgrading for Actionetics ($297/month):

  • Up to 1,000 subscribers
  • Unlimited autoresponder series
  • Basic automaton (more extensive automaton services available at higher prices)
  • Lead scoring to monitor and rank user behavior
  • Direct mail and SMS marketing automaton available through Zapier integration
  • Drag-and-drop automaton workflow builder
  • WordPress integration plug-in

Final Thoughts

In order to have a successful, well-rounded social media marketing campaign, it is important to engage consumers at every level of the market.

Email solicitation and websites have largely replaced door-to-door salesmen for the most part, but there is no less need in marketing for targeted demographics and professional cold calls that don’t annoy potential customers into ignoring you.

On the surface, both ClickFunnels and GetResponse have most of the features that you would require for a robust online marketing campaign, such as:

  • Email marketing
  • Landing pages
  • User analytics
  • Sales funnels

However, a lot of ClickFunnels’ higher capacities like email marketing don’t come into play until you start paying for expanded packages that cost hundreds of dollars a month.

GetResponse and email marketing platforms like it can close the gap in functionality for start-up business owners who would prefer to use ClickFunnels basic functions like landing pages, but who don’t want to spend a lot of money in order to get email marketing functionality through the same platform. 

Unless you already have tens of thousands of subscribers lined up and your business is functioning at a level of profitability that lets you take on hundreds of dollars in advertising costs, integrating platforms is the most cost-effective and savvy way to build your business for as little money as possible.

With ClickFunnels and GetResponse, platform integration is as easy as a few clicks in your software menus. New users should not be intimidated at the thought of trying to sync the two services—you stand to save thousands of dollars a year just by learning to merge them.

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