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ClickFunnels Pricing: Why is it so Expensive & Is it Worth it?

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Clickfunnels Pricing: Breakdown and Options

If you are looking for a way to make a decent passive income, you’ve probably done some research into ClickFunnels but may still have some questions about its pricing. If you’re not a techie type and you want something comfortable that you can do yourself to create a passive income stream, then Click Funnels might be for you.

Why is Click Funnels so expensive? Is it worth it? Click Funnels is costly because it operates as a page builder and marketing tool, so you get everything you need in one location. Because Click Funnels can provide some particular marketing needs as a one-stop-shop option, it is worth it. Also, if you aren’t sure, you can try their 14-day free trial to test its value.

Since there isn’t a lot of information out there covering the value of Click Funnels, we’re going to break down Click Funnels for you here. We’ll describe some of the tools, the pricing, and why Click Funnels is worth using if you’re trying to generate a passive income stream. 


The Pricing Options of Click Funnels

ClickFunnels isn’t the cheapest affiliate program out there, but its options are still decently affordable. If you want to sign-up for Click Funnels, you’ll get two pricing choices. The first choice is their fairly basic package which costs $97 per month. While this isn’t cheap, it’s still something most people can afford, and it will give you just the right amount of stuff to get you going.

Your other, more expensive option, is the “Etison Suite” or now the Platinum package. That Platinum package comes with AcioneticsMD and Backpack and costs $297 per month.

Both of these subscription packages offer a bevy of features. We’ll break down the specifics in a bit more detail below.


Features of the Regular Click Funnels Subscription

So, what features do you get with a regular Click Funnels subscription? We broke down that information for you in the list below.

· You get 20 funnels.

· You are allowed to have up to 100 total pages for all of your funnels.

· You get up to 20,000 visitors per month.

· You get unlimited contacts.

· You are allowed up to three custom domains.

· You get 1 SMTP integration

· You’ll get access to unlimited members for membership funnels.

Features of the “Platinum Suite” Package

If you’re interested in getting the better “Etison Suite” package, then you’ll want to know what that package has to offer, too. We’ve listed those features below.

· You will get unlimited funnels

· You are allowed unlimited pages.

· You will get an unlimited number of visitors.

· You are allowed an unlimited number of contacts.

· You can have an unlimited number of custom domains.

· You will get up to three SMTP integrations.

· You will get access to Backpack.

· You will get access to ActioneticsMD

Free 14-Day trial

If you’re really not sure where to start with Click Funnels and you want a chance to mess around with it and get your feet wet, then you have the opportunity to check out their free 14-day trial. Most good software platforms offer free trial ones to entice people to sign-up. Click Funnels is certainly no different, and if you try it, chances are, you will want to sign up.

It’s certainly worth it to take a few minutes, make your free account, and check out Click Funnels to see what it’s all about. After all, you never know; you might wind up with your own home business, a steady passive income stream, and financial freedom because you’ll no longer need your day job.


Why is Click Funnels Worth the Price?

So, why are Click Funnels worth the price? Click Funnels offers a bevy of fabulous features all found in one place. It’s also an affiliate program with a successful sales strategy that’s worked well for many people. As long as you are willing to invest a bit of time and effort into building your business, you’ll wind up getting something out of it.

Since Click Funnels is designed for the newbie and you don’t have to have a lot of experience building web pages to use it, Click Funnels provides an easy-to-use option for many. You’ll be able to do everything you’ll need quickly with Click Funnels. 

We’ll cover some of the reasons why Click Funnels is worth the price below, including what Click Funnels offers. With Click Funnels, you’ll get a page builder, a cart, a content management system, an affiliate management program, and a CRM and marketing system.

Click Funnels is a Page Builder

One of the reasons why Click Funnels is worth the price is its use as a page builder. Custom website design costs thousands of dollars and can take hours and hours. It’s not an investment that anybody has the cash to make. That’s one of the issues Click Funnels attempted to resolve. 

A significant idea behind ClickFunnels was to build something that would give a person everything he or she would need in one place. That way, a person can quickly create funnels and build pages without needing much experience in building websites. 

Click Funnels is a Cart

Another reason why ClickFunnels is worth the price is that it works like a cart as well, which means it provides yet another cost-effective solution for website building. One of the primary reasons why so many people are attracted to using ClickFunnels is its easy-to-use card features.

Click Funnels offers a reliable way to integrate with a bevy of different payment processors. It works well with a variety of payment processors, including:

· Stripe

· Apple Pay

· Android Pay


· Recurly

· Bluesnap

· EasyPayDirect


· Ontraport

· Recurly

Click Funnels has a one-click upsell capability that makes the software a game-changer when it comes to selling products. You’ll be able to make one-time offers without having to know much about website design. Once you play around with this feature, you’ll know right away why Click Funnels is so popular. 

Click Funnels also does a great job handling membership sites and recurring charges. You’ll also get the card functionality of your dreams. Honestly, you can do just about anything with the cart functionality on Click Funnels.

The one downside of Click Funnels here is that it might not be an excellent fit for people with a traditional store and physical products. Using conventional physical products with Click Funnels would be challenging to do. In all honesty, Click Funnels probably isn’t the best type of approach for that kind of shop. 

Click Funnels is a Content Management System

If you’ve ever pursued any Facebook groups that have anything to do with ClickFunnels, you’ve probably seen people asking if they can use Click Funnels to replace their entire website. The good news for people wondering that is that the answer is yes. Anybody can replace their entire site with Click Funnels.

ClickFunnels does offer the capability to replace the entire website you already have. However, there are a few limitations you need to know about ClickFunnels before you decide to do this.

First, there’s no blogging feature with Click Funnels. So if blogging is one of your first things, you might need to figure out a different solution. You can use other tools with Click Funnels, however, to give you the blogging capability you are used to having. So, you could still potentially use Click Funnels with a different blogging tool.

Other tools that feature custom fields and more fine-grained customizations are probably better for blogging than Click Funnels. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use a different tool and combine it with Click Funnels to get the blogging power that you need.

On the other hand, if what you need out of your website is pretty basic and easy, and the main thing for you is related to using sales funnels, then Click Funnels would be what you need. If you need something that has a useful blogging tool, then you might want to consider a different device, like WordPress.


ClickFunnels is an Affiliate Management Platform

Another thing we love about ClickFunnels is the fact that it’s an affiliate management platform. The affiliate management platform functionality of ClickFunnels makes Clickfunnels worth the money, primarily because you’ll be generating income from their affiliate management platform.

If you opt for the top package on ClickFunnels, you’ll get access to a new feature known as Backpack. Backpack in Click Funnels works as an add-on that you can utilize to recruit, manage, and pay affiliates.

If you’ve ever worked with an affiliate program before, you know that it can be a stressful process. Some affiliate programs are confusing and challenging to use. Also, their percentage payouts and pay structure schemes might feel like they don’t add up.

The beautiful thing about ClickFunnels is that you won’t run into a stressful, confusing affiliate platform situation. Instead, you’ll get access to Backpack with ClickFunnels. Backpack is easy to customize, flexible, and it is integrated right along with the rest of your information in your Click Funnels account.

With Backpack, you can work with cookie management, figure out payment parameters, and manage them, keep track of affiliate IDs, and much, much more. As you grow your funnel, it will eventually reach a size where you’ll want to have an excellent affiliate management tool on your side to help you with the process. That’s where Backpack can come in and offer the solution that’s just right for you.

Click Funnels is a CRM and Marketing System

Another thing about ClickFunnels that makes it well worth the price is the fact that it also works as a CRM and marketing system. Another add-on feature offered by ClickFunnels is ActioneticsMD. With ActioneticsMD, you’ll get a feature that adds-onto the primary page-building system that’s already associated with your basic Click Funnels account.

ActioneticsMD is well worth the investment. With this took, you’ll get software that combines advanced customer profile information with the capability to make “follow-up” funnels. That’s where you can get some serious conversions and plenty of cash along with it.

With that, you’ll get the front-end funnel that’s used to grow your lists, and that will help you boost your income. But where the real money lies is with the follow-up funnels, and that’s the access you’ll get with ActioneticsMD.

With ActioneticsMD, you’ll wind up with a follow-up marketing tool that allows for you to segment and focus in on messaging to specific audiences. You’ll be able to target particular demographics and figure out what you need by viewing their social profiles, what they read, how long they visit your website, how often they come back, and much more.

After you learn the habits of your visitors, you’ll be able to model your marketing sequence after their needs and wants. And that’s where you can start making some real money

Click Funnels Best Features

The one thing you’ll need to make sure you have when you start ClickFunnels is patience. It can take some time to ClickFunnels to get going and pay off for you, but as long as you invest your time and patience into it, it should work for you. 

However, if you’re willing to demonstrate some patience, Click Funnels can work well for you. There are plenty of features provided by Click Funnels that make it well worth the money if you think about how much some other services cost.

If you take a little time to read what other users of the affiliate channel are saying on Click Funnels, you’ll see that many people state it took them some time to start earning profits. While you’ll start making a little bit of side money here and there from the start, it does take patience and effort to build a steady stream of passive income. 

To help give you a better perspective about what you can expect after you sign into Click Funnels, we’ll cover some of the basic features you’ll need to use once you get your account going that make Click Funnels worth your time. That way, you’ll know what to expect, and you’ll understand why Click Funnels is worth the effort.

Landing Page Creator

So, why would you want to create a landing page? A landing page is an essential part of any webpage, and the concept is undoubtedly genuine when you are using a sales funnel. On your landing page, you want to attract people to your ideas and concepts.

Landing pages are not always required if you have a blog. However, a landing page does help to give you some sales force. So, landing pages typically work well if you’re trying to sell something. 

Most services that allow you to create a landing page, like WordPress, cost as much if not more than Click Funnels, and don’t provide you with the advertising capabilities of Click Funnels. So, that’s one reason why Click Funnels is well worth the price.

Since you’ll be selling something with Click Funnels, you will want a landing page that offers some sales force. Since you’ll want to attract visitors, get them to participate, and turn them into clients, you’ll need some selling power. 

So, you’ll want to make a landing page that lists some membership plans and sign up features. While this isn’t something you can do with a WordPress site utilizing a sales funnel, it’s straightforward to do on Click Funnels. 

Also, the fact that Click Funnels is so easy to use to create landing pages with also makes it well worth the money. You won’t need to know as much about website design as you would with WordPress.

Attracting Members

If you have a membership plan listed on your landing page, that alone won’t be enough to entice people to sign-up and become clients. So, there are a few other things you’ll need to consider so that you can turn visitors into clients.

Many website builders out there won’t be able to help you with attracting member sign-ups. However, that’s precisely what Click Funnels is made to accomplish. With Click Funnels, you can make a funnel that will work well to bring in visitors and turn them into clients.

Making a Sales Funnel

The main goal of using ClickFunnels is to create a successful sales funnel. Your sales funnel will help you promote your business and attract new members. You’ll need to work on your style and approach so that you’ll successfully attract those visitors, and your sales funnel will help you convert them into members.

You’ll need to put some thought and effort into designing your landing page. You’ll want to customize it effectively. So, you’ll have to put some thought into how you attract visitors and convert them into clients.

The most important part of Click Funnels to capitalize on is the sales funnel process. So, you’ll need to know a little bit about how sales funnels work. To help you out, we’ll cover that information in detail below. 

Sales funnels are the first step in creating the channel you’ll use to develop sales activity and success on your website. If you’ve ever done any affiliate marketing before, then you probably already know that your visitors won’t necessarily listen to what you have to say, or buy the products your offering. 

And that’s where sales funnels come in. Sales funnels exist to make it easier for you to sell your products. The idea behind a sales funnel is to help you convert visitors into clients that purchase products. The steps involved with a sales funnel help to convert visitors into clients successfully. 

A ClickFunnel, on the other hand, helps you run your landing page and also allows you to make many different landing pages. The Click Funnel features a sales funnel that performs the task of converting visitors to clients. Each time the sales funnel successful does that for you; you’ll make money. 

Sales funnels are a huge reason why Click Funnels is well worth the money. The sales funnels on Click Funnels provide you with plenty of ways to advertise and earn income, generating traffic. Most other competitive services, like WordPress, don’t help you generate your own traffic.

Attracting Referrals

Each time you get a new domain for one of your landing pages, you’ll use that landing page to attract more visitors. Whenever you do that, you’ll be attracting more visitors and giving yourself more opportunities to convert visitors into clients. With every new landing page, you’ll be giving your business a more significant chance at success because you’ll be attracting more visitors and potential clients.

Each time you make a new domain for every new landing page, you’ll be able to attract more visitors. That means you’ll increase your chances for turning those visitors into clients and boosting your success. The more clients you attract, the more referrals you obtain, and the more money you’ll make overall.

For each client that joins Click Funnels, you’ll receive a commission. Also, if a client buys a book or reader from Click Funnels, you’ll get a commission for that item. If your client purchases Click Funnels software, you earn a commission of 5%. If the client purchases a book or reader, you get 40% of the commissions.

So, the better the sales funnel you make, the more referrals you’ll end up grabbing. The more referrals you attract, the higher the income that you’ll earn.

Since Click Funnels will provide you with what you need to attract referrals, which is something its competition does not offer, you’ll wind up with a product that’s well worth the money.


When you create your landing pages and your sales funnels, you’ll notice that you can fully customize them. You can edit or change anything you wish on the page. So, everything is up for grabs. Whatever you feel you need to do to customize your landing page or your sales funnel, you can accomplish easily.

Click Funnels, when compared to WordPress, is incredibly easy to use and edit. You won’t need any special skills to work with Click Funnels. Because just about anybody can achieve online marketing success with Click Funnels due to its easy customization, this also makes Click Funnels well worth the money.


Click Funnels makes it easy for you to create landing pages and sales funnels. You’ll be able to select what you want to create from a wide range of templates. All Click Funnels templates are easy and straightforward for newbies to use. So even if you are new to Click Funnels, you can use their models to get going quickly.

Templates are helpful for beginners because they are fully customizable. So, you can add some of your flair to the appearance of the design. However, if you are so new to Click Funnels that you aren’t sure about how to convert visitors into clients, using a template can help you get going with your approach.

The templates on Click Funnels are very easy to work with, and you won’t need any special skills to make your landing pages. That’s another reason why Click Funnels is well worth the money.

Easy Online Businesses

When you start your online business, it can be easy to get frustrated when you use an e-commerce site besides Click Funnels. Once you put time and effort into creating your web page, you still have to wait to achieve profits. After you launch your page, you need to develop traffic to sell items.

The process of developing traffic and getting visitors to come to your website can be long and tenuous. However, Click Funnels makes a lot of this process easier.

First, Click Funnels makes it very simple to create a website since you can customize anything you want. Also, their software is straightforward for beginners and newbies to use, so you don’t need a lot of website developer education to use Click Funnels.

Also, because of the tried and true method that Click Funnels already uses, you’ll already be on the path to success if you use their program. That’s because you’ll wind up attracting visitors and earning referrals pretty quickly with their sales funnels. While it will still take some time to build up a decent passive income stream, you’ll wind up pocketing profits immediately.

Because users tend to start making side money quickly with Click Funnels, members immediately feel like they are getting a reward out of their time and money investment. That’s because although Click Funnels isn’t cheap, it’s very worth it. As long as you’re willing to invest a little bit of time and effort into the process, you can start making money quickly.

While you won’t be able to quit your day job immediately with Click Funnels, you can slowly achieve your dream of owning a successful home business. After you build up your Click Funnels business, and you reach the passive income stream goal you set out to tackle, you’ll be able to have more financial freedom.

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