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Welcome to our About Us Page.  Where we want to tell you a little more about RealReviewHub.com.


If this is your first time on RealReviewHub.com we always think it’s important to give context as to who exactly is doing the review and how it was done so you have the proper context going into the review.

RealReviewHub.com is a site that prides itself on giving: “Honest Reviews By Real Users” of courses, products, and software. In order to make this happen we do the following:

  • Always Purchase/Use the Products we Review
  • Give honest and real feedback- the good/bad/ugly
  • Provide full disclosures right upfront:
    • If we decide a product is worth buying- We will give it a Buy Rating, sometimes the links to these courses, products, or software will be in the form of an affiliate link where the seller might pay us a small commission for referring the buyer over to them.
    • This commission does not affect the price you pay as it comes from the seller
    • If you decide to use our link to make a purchase- Thank You.  We Really Appreciate it as it helps the site keep going and funds our next product reviews. But if you find the review helpful and decide to purchase without wanting us to earn a commission, then NO HARD FEELINGS! We are glad you stopped by, just google the seller directly to make your purchase! We hope it was helpful.

Why did I create RealReviewHub.com? Because honest reviews are one of the best ways to learn valuable information on a product before you decide to spend your hard earned money on it, and we take that serious at RealReviewHub.com. We also know that the internet is full of fake reviews trying to make affiliate commissions. We wanted to fill that gap in the market place and provide useful information you can use on your way to purchasing the course, product, or software reviewed here.

We Hope You Find our Site Helpful! Thanks for reading! Come Back Soon!

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