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Does ClickFunnels Send Emails?

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After you’ve used ClickFunnels’ drag-and-drop editor to create a beautiful web presence, you’ll want to continue to communicate with the leads and customers your funnel is generating. Many companies use dedicated email marketing platforms, like GetReponse, MailChimp or Constant Contact, to maintain these customer relationships. Can ClickFunnels deliver on email marketing at the same level? If you want to learn more about integrating clickfunnels with Getresponse, check it out here.

Does ClickFunnels send emails? Yes. ClickFunnels hosts a native email marketing tool called Actionetics. Actionetics matches many features included in other email marketing platforms, including generating lists, tagging leads, and auto-responding. Additionally, Actionetics adds valuable features like auto-tagged smart lists, and the ability to communicate across platforms.

While ClickFunnels provides basic emailing services in its baseline package, the premium version of ClickFunnels includes Actionetics—and this is where things really get interesting. We’ll be exploring the most powerful tools within Actionetics and how to use them effectively.

Build Your Mailing List

You may be familiar with ClickFunnels as an easy-to-use sales funnel builder. If you aren’t read our simple in-depth explanation as to what ClickFunnels is, here. ClickFunnels has built a name for itself as one of the simplest platforms to create and manage sale funnels. ClickFunnels bills itself as an all-in-one platform, but can it keep up with your business’s email marketing needs?

Before you can start emailing anyone, you’ll need a list of people to email. This is where the sales funnel creation of ClickFunnels really shines.

  1. Under the Email Lists tab, click + Add New List
  2. Give your new list a name.
  3. Select your settings.
  4. You are ready to begin capturing customer information.

Capture Customer Information

Using ClickFunnels, you can fill out your mailing lists from a variety of sources.

You can use opt-in pages as a lead magnet or tripwire to give potential customers a taste of what you have to offer in exchange for their information.

Registration pages have customers sign up for an event or webinar allowing you to capture their contact info.

And once you make a sale, you’ll be pulling information into your lists straight from the order form.

Just make sure that when you create an opt-in page, a registration page, or an order form, you create an action that adds the user to the correct list. Under the automations tab, create an action that adds to your list. Use this action whenever you have a chance to capture customer information.

Generate Smart Lists

The ability to create and manage smart lists is where Actionetics begins to pull away from many of its competitors. Smart lists automatically assemble based on certain preset criteria. The fact is, not all customers, clients, and leads are created equal. You may not want to communicate with a first-time visitor to your page the same way you communicate with an established repeat customer.

You can sort your lists based on the information you know about those people. For example, you might make a list of leads who have made a purchase before and another list for those who haven’t purchased yet. You might generate a list based on those contacts who opened the last email you sent. This type of customization helps you target different types of customers and market to them individually.

Smart Lists Sorting Criteria

Clickfunnels keeps tracks of important metrics and ties them to individual profiles in your lists. These metrics include the following:

  • How long they stayed on the landing page
  • Whether or not they’ve purchased and what they purchased
  • How recently they purchased
  • Whether or not they opened an email
  • Which steps in your funnel they’ve hit

Actionetics can help you move beyond the information you’ve captured about each customer and learn even more information about them. For example, Actionetics uses IP information to track things like where visitors are coming from. Once you collect an email address the fireworks really start.

Actionetics will use the email address to track down leads’ social media accounts and other aspects of their online identity. Actionetics can then automatically use this to determine important customer demographic information such as

  • Location
  • Number of fans/friends/followers
  • Media they consume
  • Income

Critical information like the things listed above can turn into actionable criteria for sorting your audience into lists. Market to your users based on who they are and how they interact with your brand.

Start Sending Emails

Once you’ve got your lists all figured out, you’ll want to begin using them. The ClickFunnels email creator is very similar to the ClickFunnels editor. You’re going to be using the same drag-and-drop interface that you’ve used before, so you should be in familiar territory here.

  1. Click on the + New Email button
  2. Fill out the Subject Line and From fields and identify which groups the email will send to
  3. Select from one of the 12 available templates and hit Use This Template
  4. Hit the Open Email Editor button
  5. Write, edit, and layout your email
  6. Click Save and Send Test email
  7. Once you’ve verified that everything looks as it should, send your email or save to automate by triggering an action

Follow Up Through Multiple Channels

Another big benefit of Actionetics is the ability to follow up with your leads by intelligently using multiple communication channels. In addition to using email to follow up with customers, you can use text messaging, Facebook messenger, online ads, and desktop and push notifications.

However, you may not want to flood your customers with communications on every platform simultaneously. This is where the integration between all these channels through a single platform really becomes vital.

Once you send out an email to one of your groups, you can set Actionetics to automatically send a text message to anyone that didn’t open the window within a certain time frame. Of course, you may have people on your lists who still don’t respond to the text message. You can then send targeted ads through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc., directing these people towards the campaign.

Once any customer acts on the communication, they are pulled out of the flow and stop receiving further communications. This will prevent you from frustrating your most valuable customers by oversaturating them with communications. You can customize how the flow operates for every campaign you run, if necessary.


Sometimes you may want to get ahold of all your customers in one fell swoop. This is a good move if you’re promoting a big event or beginning a new product launch. When you broadcast, you’ll send a one-off email to a group of customers. Really this makes sense for any email that needs to go out now and doesn’t work in the normal automated sequence.

You may want to just send out an email to everyone on your list. Or, if your event is big enough, you may want to push out communications through every available channel.

This is the digital marketing equivalent of screaming from the rooftops about the incredible offer you’ve got going on. You don’t want to pull this out on every campaign. But sometimes, when the moment comes, you want to strike with everything you’ve got.

The Benefits of an All-in-One Platform

While many of the best features of ClickFunnels can be found comparably on other platforms, ClickFunnels’ true power lies in the overlap of these features within the platform. ClickFunnels combined with Actionetics allows you both a bird’s-eye view of your sales funnel and the ability to automate much of your interaction with users. It also provides an in-depth look at the individuals using your platform.

Actionetics is the communications arm of ClickFunnels. Actionetics allows for a great deal of control over the process of interacting with customers. Not only does Actionetics let you send emails, but it also lets you be smart and efficient about it.


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