Does ClickFunnels Replace Infusionsoft (or Work With It?)

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ClickFunnels is the easiest, slickest, most powerful front-end tool on the market, and Infusionsoft is the most comprehensive, powerful back-end tool on the market. Do you need to choose one platform for your business and weigh the pros and cons between them, or can you combine their strengths and utilize the best of both worlds?

Does ClickFunnels replace Infusionsoft or work with it? That is entirely up to you. Both platforms are standalone and can provide impressive results from start to finish with no additional software. However, if you want to benefit from ClickFunnels’ gorgeous front-end development tools and Infusionsoft’s impressive back-end suite, then you absolutely can integrate the two.

ClickFunnels and Infusionsoft (now rebranded as Keap) are both phenomenal all-in-one platforms for building web platforms, creating sales funnels, and driving conversions. While the two platforms share a lot of functionality and features, they also shine in different areas. We’ll dive into the differences between the two platforms and how to go about integrating them together.


ClickFunnels is often seen as being well-suited for small businesses or sole proprietorships. The intuitive interface and general ease of use create low barriers to entry that make it easy for small teams or even individual marketers to step in and create something that looks professional and drives results.

The idea behind ClickFunnels is to replace static websites with dynamic, guided web experiences. Rather than being left to wander through the various pages of a company’s website, ClickFunnels leads customers through the process of buying products or services.

ClickFunnels Pros

ClickFunnels provides a wide variety of pre-built templates as well as drag and drop tools to streamline and simplify the process of creating a digital sales funnel. These tools make it very easy for an amateur to quickly put together an attractive and effective sales funnel.

Because ClickFunnels includes a shopping cart and checkout tools, you can easily receive payments, without worrying about setting up, integrating, and paying for additional third-party software. Truly, this is an all-in-one platform that includes all the tools necessary to create your sales funnel from the ground up.

ClickFunnels Cons

Where ClickFunnels is left really lacking is in its features beyond sales funnel creation. While ClickFunnels does provide email marketing automation, a membership website, and affiliate tracking features—none of these features really provide the depth, scalability, or usefulness to really compete with other platforms like Infusionsoft.


Infusionsoft is generally presented as being better suited for mid-size and enterprise-level businesses. Infusionsoft provides powerful sales and marketing reporting as well as greater levels of marketing automation. This is a tool that, when used well, can make the process of driving conversions largely automated.

Infusionsoft Pros

If you need accurate and comprehensive reporting, Infusionsoft is king. Infusionsoft holds onto all kinds of useful data about customers, leads, and visitors. The platform can track these users through the sales pipeline. Finally, Infusionsoft can generate insightful reporting that can inform management decisions and adjustments to your platform and process.

Infusionsoft also outperforms ClickFunnels in marketing automation. Infusionsoft’s tools allow you to communicate with various groups of customers differently. This level of customization and automation can allow you to effectively and easily tailor your digital customer experiences to the customers who are experiencing them.

If you need a feature that isn’t available in Infusionsoft, odds are that its wide market of third-party applications can help to patch the hole. Infusionsoft has a vast network of third-party developers. You can find all kinds of plug-ins and integrations to fit your specific needs.

Infusionsoft Cons

Overall, Infusionsoft simply does not have the same elegance in design that ClickFunnels does. Put simply—ClickFunnels pages look better but Infusionsoft pages do more. Ultimately, you may need your web platform to do both. It may need to look attractive and streamlined and provide reporting and automated marketing. Thankfully, these systems play nicely together.

What Can ClickFunnels and Infusionsoft do Together?

The key to successful integration between ClickFunnels and Infusionsoft is to make use of Infusionsoft’s tagging and webform features. By tagging leads and customers at each step of the customer’s process through the funnel, you’ll open up your gorgeous ClickFunnels page to the possibility of accessing the best features of Infusionsoft.

Tagging and webforms will allow you to sort customers into groups—for example, those that did and did not purchase an up-sell. You could then automatically send an email to those that did not purchase the up-sell, asking for the sale again.

The reality is that you aren’t going to make a sale the first time every visitor makes it to your page. In this situation, you can use Infusionsoft’s back-end tools to email the lead, inviting them to come back and make the purchase. These types of automated abandoned cart emails can increase your conversion rate and boost your bottom line.

ClickFunnels allows you to create an impressive front end that looks amazing and delivers results. Once you connect Infusionsoft, you’ll have access to all the reporting and automation tools to drive business and adjust your performance. With the most impressive front-end tool suite combined with the most powerful back-end tool suite, your small business will be unstoppable.

How to Integrate ClickFunnels and Infusionsoft

There are a great number of integration tools on the market, such as Zapier. However, with a little bit of know-how, you can integrate the two platforms with ease (and for free).

Inside ClickFunnels you’ll find an Integrations tab. This tab is going to be where all your Infusionsoft integrations (and any other integrations) are going to live. Make sure that you have published your Infusionsoft campaign as a webform as this is what will allow the integration.

  1. Under the Integrations tab in ClickFunnels click Add new integration.
  2. You’ll see a dropdown menu under Choose services. Select the Infusionsoft API.
  3. Enter your subdomain from Infusionsoft. You can find this in the Infusionsoft dashboard. It’s going to be two letters and three numbers.
  4. Enter your encrypted API key. You can find this in Infusionsoft under Settings and then Application.
  5. Infusionsoft is now integrated into ClickFunnels. Use your Infusionsoft dashboard to run any automation.

Once this is set up, you’ll be able to drive success through your funnel with all the back-end potential of Infusionsoft.

Wrap Up

The choice of whether to replace Infusionsoft with ClickFunnels is ultimately yours to make. If you’re already familiar with Infusionsoft, you may already be hooked on their superior back-end interface. Infusionsoft gives you incredible reporting and analysis tools as well as powerful automation to allow your funnel to run itself.

However, you may also have noticed that your site looks a little less than professional. ClickFunnels pre-built templates, as well as their intuitive drag-and-drop system, allows you to quickly and easily make something that stands a cut above. Built-in payment tools mean that you can be live and selling in a remarkably short amount of time.

You may choose to use one of these tools or the other. However, you can easily have the best of both worlds. By applying Infusionsoft API directly into ClickFunnels’ integration platform, you can enjoy the best front-end software and the best back-end software on the market simultaneously.

By combining these tools, you’ll be able to increase your digital presence and maximize your conversion rate with every guest.

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