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ClickFunnels vs. Market Hero: Partners or Alternatives?

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ClickFunnels and Market Hero are both popular pieces of software that can potentially form the cornerstones of a company’s social media marketing campaign. While some marketers try to use them separately and stick with one platform or the other, they are best when used together.

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Market Hero acts as an effective partner software for ClickFunnels–rather than an alternative software–because it is an email autoresponder and does not have sales funnel capabilities without an intensive landing page builder like ClickFunnels attached. 

Each of these software platforms has a lot to offer marketers and business owners, but with so many available features, it’s hard to decide which services to buy into. A company’s online marketing budget only stretches so far, so every dollar counts when it comes to profit margins.

By using ClickFunnels and Market Hero together as partner platforms, you can create a sales funnel that generates sales leads right in a potential customer’s inbox and draw them seamlessly into a landing page where they can make a purchase. Read on to find out how.

ClickFunnels and Market Hero as Partners

The main reason that ClickFunnels and Market Hero are preferable as partners rather than alternative marketing platforms is that the two services offer fundamentally different options for assembling a multi-faceted marketing campaign online. 

ClickFunnels has many different functions along with being a landing page builder such as email marketing capabilities and customer relationship management tools, but these are locked behind upgraded versions of the platform. 

Market Hero instead focuses on email marketing features instead of web page creation. The features it has are useful and it is one of the most popular autoresponders on the market, but it does not have the page-building capability that ClickFunnels has. 

There is no point in having an email marketing campaign without a website to drive traffic to, and Market Hero can’t create websites. ClickFunnels can create websites, but its email marketing features are locked behind expensive upgrades. 

Because the two platforms perform different functions in the creation of a successful sales funnel in social media marketing campaigns, they are better paired together than used separately. It is also cheaper to partner the platforms than upgrade ClickFunnels alone. 

What is ClickFunnels?

As a social media marketing platform, ClickFunnels primarily allows business owners to create landing pages which act as sales funnels to lead digital customers into a purchase. 

Landing pages are the foundation of a company’s online presence. These are the pages that customers land on when they click on a hyperlink in an online search engine, which means search engine optimization for landing pages is vital to maintain a company’s digital visibility.

Whether they arrive at the landing pages via email contact or an engine search, the purpose of getting the customer to a landing page is to secure a sale. 

Because a landing page is usually a customer’s first direct contact with an online business, it is vital for the sales copy on these pages to be especially persuasive and professional. Here are some of the more advanced features available through ClickFunnels to facilitate this process:

  • Sophisticated membership groups and subscription systems that maintain customer loyalty
    and allow the bond between company and customer to continue to grow
  • Customizable checkout options like “abandoned cart” checkouts for upselling and down-sell capability
  • Full payment integration with credible payment processors like PayPal and Stripe
  • Templates to set up webinars and other kinds of for-sale informational courses
  • A/B split-testing tool to compare analytics on test landing pages
  • Conversion tracking statistics so you can keep a tab on how many of your site views are generating sales

Using its 500+ premade content templates, a business can use ClickFunnels to create all kinds of specialized landing pages to serve a variety of functions:

  • Sales letters. Since search engine visibility can be a tricky way to create a connection with customers, email marketing via sales letters can be a more targeted method to generate potential sales. 
  • Video sales letters. An increasingly popular option for introducing multimedia content to company websites to make them more interactive, video sales letters can be especially useful to showcase products that require user demonstration.
  • List building pages. List building pages are web pages with plug-in features that allow a business to collect contact information on customers when they opt-in to receive an email newsletter or other email marketing campaign. 
  • Secure checkout pages. For people buying online, security for their payment information like credit card numbers and billing addresses is one of the things that foster trust between the customer and a business. 
  • Upsell Pages. Upsell capability gives potential customers to add upgrades or additional related items to their shopping cart in order to increase the total sale amount. 
  • Downsell pages. When a customer declines a sale, adding down-sell pages to a checkout process gives a company the opportunity to at least salvage part of the sale by offering a discounted item of similar value. 
  • Webinar funnels. Depending on an online company’s primary product, many companies can offer related informational services like webinars. These are good for a company to generate passive income even when they aren’t selling product. 
  • Thank you/download pages. Landing pages are not enough to really cement the professionality of a website. Small customizable options like thank you pages help refine a company’s brand personality and create a bond with the customer post-purchase.
  • Gated subscription areas. Another way for an online business to generate passive income is through delivering top-tier gated content that users must pay to access. This is structured on a landing page using gated subscription areas.

What Is Market Hero?

Unlike ClickFunnels, Market Hero is an autoresponder/email marketing system that is the brainchild of Alex Becker, an entrepreneur and renowned author responsible for founding multiple multimillion-dollar companies through his online marketing strategies.  

An email autoresponder is just what it says on the tin–it’s a computer program designed to autonomously answer customer emails without needing to be monitored by a real employee. 

For growing companies that must handle a lot of online correspondence with hundreds or thousands of customers a week, autoresponders are a much more economical choice than hiring people to manage digital correspondence manually. 

Along with website pages that potential customers can search online themselves, companies operating digitally can also send out email marketing promotions. Examples of email marketing campaigns could include the following:

  • Welcome campaign: A series of light content promotional emails attempting to establish rapport with a new customer
  • Promotional campaign: A standard promotion may offer a free product, evoke an emotion, provoke curiosity, or feature attention-grabbing font and copy
  • Seasonal campaign: Most digital companies can incorporate the holidays into their dynamic customer relationship content in some way.

  • Post-purchase campaign: These emails can be a way to continue to establish a positive relationship with the customer even after they’ve already made a purchase

  • Social media capture campaign: This is a method to encourage customers to participate in an activity or engage with the company’s social media accounts
  • Abandoned cart campaign: Sometimes a person is called away from their computer and accidentally leaves a sale abandoned or needs time to think through the purchase. Emailing them with a small follow-up discount can often close the deal. 

Promotions and dynamic content engage the customer base directly through their contact email. This is the foundation for repeat business. 

Email marketing is the process by which online businesses find potential customers and convinces them to buy its products by providing a seamless user interface experience from the customer’s inbox to the checkout cart of a company website.

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Why Use ClickFunnels and Market Hero Together?

The only way to create an effective sales funnel online is to reach out to customers where they live. In the past, this would be achieved through cold calling at a person’s home. In the digital age, this function is performed through email marketing campaigns.

ClickFunnels has good landing page capability, but its email marketing equivalent of Market Hero (called Actionetics) is locked behind much more expensive platform upgrades, raising your monthly subscription for ClickFunnels from $97 to $297 a month. 

This isn’t a supportable budget for social media marketing for a lot of small companies just starting out. Market Hero starts out at $19 a month, which is admittedly higher than some email marketing systems like GetResponse ($15/month) or ActiveCampaign ($9/month). 

It’s still much cheaper than using Actionetics, however, and the capabilities of Market Hero integrated into ClickFunnels are greater than many similar email marketing platforms, especially with regards to automation. 

Automated workflows through autoresponders remove a lot of the hands-on work a business otherwise must perform in order to maintain customer relationship management through a marketing campaign. Here are some of the automaton features of Market Hero that can help business owners land a sale:

  • If a customer declines an upsell, it can send follow-up emails that may seal the deal
  • If a customer chooses to accept an upsell, Market Hero can segment that contact into a special contact list that targets them for specialized marketing
  • Split test emails that can measure click rate, letting a business owner monitor which email headlines led to a potential sale and which led straight to inbox trash
  • Autoresponder messaging services integrated into Facebook so you never miss a potential sale

How to Use ClickFunnels and Market Hero Together

With ClickFunnels and Market Hero together, you’re able to construct a social media marketing campaign that hits every corner of the digital market, allowing you the highest level of visibility and the greatest number of opportunities to persuade a potential customer into a sale. 

ClickFunnels forms the basis for your company website and related pages by giving you near-limitless options to create dynamic sales content and copy that will enamor buyers with your brand from the moment they click on your landing page. 

But once connected to Market Hero, your landing pages gain increased capacity to both gather customer contacts for intensive email marketing campaigns that target specific demographics and automate customer relationship management (CRM). 

ClickFunnels is where you will ultimately land your sales, but Market Hero is how you get your foot in the door. 

How to Technically Integrate ClickFunnels and Market Hero

ClickFunnels can be somewhat finicky when it comes to incorporating third party platforms, but luckily due to API key conversion, ClickFunnels and Market Hero can be directly integrated without the need for a porting service like Zapier. 

The process of adding a third-party porting software like Zapier only increases the cost of a monthly online marketing package by twenty dollars or even more, so the fact that Market Hero integrates directly is a major plus in its favor. Those kinds of service fees add up quick.

The first step to connecting your Market Hero and ClickFunnels platforms is to perform a technical integration. Follow the steps below to link your two platforms:

  • Retrieve your Market Hero API key by going to Settings. Copy the key (Ctrl + C). 
  • Go to your ClickFunnels Account Settings and select Integrations. 
  • Search for Market Hero and select it. 
  • Enter a nickname for the integration (it is helpful to link the nomenclature back to the company name for simplicity). 
  • Paste your API Key in (Ctrl + V). 
  • Click Add Integration and you’re done!

Once you have the two platforms technically integrated, you need to set up a link between your ClickFunnels squeeze page and Market Hero in order to collect the contacts for your email marketing. 

Squeeze Pages

A squeeze page is a specialized landing page on a company’s website that is specifically designed to collect customer contact information via an opt-in email subscription. 

Because this contact list is opt-in by potential buyers who already saw the company’s landing page and were interested enough to agree to be contacted, there is a much lower chance of rejection by directly marketing to these particular customers, companies can benefit from a much higher sales conversion than cold-calling methods.

The first step to making the connection between your squeeze page and Market Hero is to create a tag in Market Hero:

  • Inside the Market Hero software, select Leads.
  • Select Tags from the top of your user interface.
  • Under the Tag heading, click Create.
  • Confirm your tag. 
  • The next step for creating your contact funnel from ClickFunnels to Market Hero is as follows:
  • From within the page editor in ClickFunnels, under Settings, select Integrations.
  • Pick Market Hero as your integration. 
  • Click on Tag Lead as your action.
  • Choose List to Add. 

Congratulations, you’ve created an integrated contact funnel!

With an integrated contact funnel between your ClickFunnels squeeze page and your
Market Hero contact list, you can generate and track sales leads across your entire online marketing platform. 

Why Market Hero Is Preferable to Actionetics

Gaining email marketing capabilities directly through ClickFunnels entails a significant increase in your social media marketing budget, forcing you to upgrade from the basic ClickFunnels package to a package that is nearly three hundred dollars a month. 

Market Hero has many in-depth emailing functions that make it the preferable option. Here are a few
of them:

  • State-of-the-art software that avoids the spam box (and the digital trash) by getting past Internet Service Provider (ISP) gatekeeping protocols
  • Email scrubbing to avoid deliveries to defunct addresses
  • Clean domain reputation that reliably lets sales copy get delivered to inboxes
  • Email authentication through DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy
    Framework (SPF)
  • Complaint monitoring so that you can adjust your mailing volume accordingly
  • Click-to-open monitoring so that you can remove non-active/non-opening emails (dead leads) and maintain your domain reputation
  • Leads constantly re-cookied by individual email to ensure accurate tracking in user analytics
  • Lead ROI calculation

One of the most important functions of an email marketing platform is to generate leads, and for email marketing software to be financially viable, those leads must generate more sales revenue for the business than the leads cost to acquire. 

In this way, long-term value from the leads allows an online business limitless scaling ability, ensuring growth rather than stagnation due to overextension of the budget on marketing. 

Market Hero is a specialized platform where the goal is to get lead numbers up to the point that businesses can grow confidently without worrying about spreading themselves too thin financially in an advertisement. 

While Actionetics is a secondary function for ClickFunnels as a platform, Market Hero is intricately geared to do exactly what it does–revenue-based sales generation and user analytics. 

Market Hero uses lean marketing to identify and eliminate non-essential and non-value adding activities to streamline production and improve the quality of customer relationship management. This marketing philosophy is also the basis of its many autonomous features. 

Final Thoughts

ClickFunnels and Market Hero are both high-quality social media marketing platforms that have a lot to offer to a company’s online marketing strategy, but they don’t make good alternatives for each other–they simply can’t perform the same functions effectively. 

If you integrate Market Hero into ClickFunnels, however, you have everything between the two services to create any kind of digital marketing materials you need, and at a more economical cost than upgrading ClickFunnels to email marketing capacity. 

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