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Eero Pro 6 WiFi Mesh System Review – Unboxing, Install, & Speed Results

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Welcome to our Eero Pro 6 Wifi Mesh System Review. The Eero Pro 6 system is brand new on the market, in fact, here at we actually pre-ordered it prior to launch to make sure we could the this review to you as possible.

As always we believe in full transparency so we want you to know exactly what we are testing and how much we paid for it. We are reviewing the Eero pro 6 3 pack bundle that comes with a FireTv Cube from Amazon. We paid 599.00 for our Wifi Mesh System. If you are ready to purchase your own system, you can check out the latest price and purchase here on Amazon This an affiliate link and since this site is supported by our readers we will make a commission on qualifying purchases made through this link, thanks in advance for your support!!

Here is a copy of our purchase receipt for the Eero Pro 6.

Eero Pro 6 Wifi Mesh System Purchase Receipt For Review
Eero Pro 6 Wifi Mesh System Purchase Receipt For Review

What Is The Eero Pro 6 WiFi Mesh System

The Eero Pro 6 Wifi Mesh System creates a smart system in your house. Essentially a wifi mesh system is a combination of routers and extenders that are meant to work in a much smarter fashion.

The Eero system was recently purchased by Amazon, and is now an Amazon company. When it comes to the Eero Pro 6 there are 2 different pieces to the system. You can have a combination of Eero Pro Hubs and Beacons. Each system needs at least one hub, but can be made up entirely of hubs. The configuration we have purchased and set up is the 3 hub configuration.

Other Eero Pro Configurations

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Eero Pro 6 Video Review

Here are some Video Reviews Our Staff Put Together- 2 Separate Eero Pro 6 Installations

We will do a complete unboxing of the Eero Pro 6 System, install it on a Fios 1GB service, explain how easy or hard that is to was, show you before and after speed test results, give you full specs of this wifi mesh system, as well as give you some of the other configuration options. Along with the pros and cons of the Eero Pro 6 System.

• Fastest eero wifi mesh system ever • Covers up to 6000 square feet • Gets rid of dead spots and buffering • Wi-fi 6 delivers faster wifi • Support for 75+ simultaneous devices • This set up comes with a Fire TV cube, • Set up in minutes • Eero app walks through the setup • Manage your network and devices from anywhere • Built-in Zigbee smart hub • Compatible with Alexa • Automatic updates bring the latest securing updates • Can easily upgrade and add eero products as you need

Eero Pro 6 Alternatives

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