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Affiliate Tube Success Academy Review- Read Before You Buy-We Tested It!

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No matter your business online, the lifeblood of your website is traffic. So, in today’s review, we will take a look at Paul Murphy’s Affiliate Tube Success Academy, which promises to deliver unlimited Non-Paid traffic to any offer or website.

In this Affiliate Tube Success Academy Review we will cover the following topics:

  • What is the Affiliate Tube Success Academy?
  • Who is Paul Murphy? Why should we listen to him?
  • Take a look at who could benefit from this course
  • Take a look inside the course (Video Included)
  • We will test the system and share results
  • Give you two ways to preview the training before purchasing!




What is Affiliate Tube Success Academy?

So, what is the Affiliate Tube Success Academy? The affiliate tube success academy is a course that promises to teach you how you can rank your videos on the front page of google and youtube, over and over again, to drive unlimited traffic to any offer.

It is a course that is fairly unknown in the digital marketing space but has begun to gain some traction as of late. The course is created and taught by Paul Murphy.

The course promises to teach you how to drive unlimited organic FREE traffic from Google and Youtube. He teaches completely white-hat methods that can be repeated over and over again. So, what ATS offers is truly a potential godsend for business owners looking to grow their traffic.

Not only that, but it promises to teach you how to rank on the front page of Google in 24hours. We will put that to the test later in this review- Stay tuned! 🙂

Part of what makes the training very exciting is that Paul openly shares his results throughout his video training, so you can see real-life examples of rankings.

In fact, he will show you rankings and conversions from certain affiliate products he has set up. If you use Kartra, he will have affiliate funnels he provides to help you promote your offers. If you are unfamiliar with Kartra, you can read our Kartra Review here.

Who is Paul Murphy? And Why Should We Listen to Him?

Paul Murphy – Creator of Affiliate Tube Success Academy

Paul’s claim to fame has been his ability to become a top affiliate for some pretty big brands. He has been a successful affiliate marketer for Kartra, Builderall, WebinarJam, and others.

But the really interesting part of his success is that Paul leads the affiliate boards without any advertising. He drives all his traffic to these offers using FREE organic traffic from Google and Youtube.

Paul calls this protecting the downside, he believes that if you don’t spend money on paid traffic then you limit your exposure and it becomes far easier to become successful.

Despite the obnoxious picture above, which yes we chose on purpose since it’s funny, Paul is actually a pretty down-to-earth guy, who breeds trust. That makes him great to learn from.

Who Could Benefit From ATS Academy?

This course could work for anyone that wants more traffic. I would say it’s really good for potential affiliate marketing since what is taught in the course is directly used to promote affiliate products so it’s a natural fit.

But if you have your own product or business and want to drive FREE organic traffic to your site or offer, then this course could be a good investment.

A look Inside Affiliate Tube Success Acedemy

We’ve done a full video review you can check out here.

Affiliate Tube Success Academy Review- And Look Inside The course

If you don’t want to watch the review video above, here is a quick rundown of what the course includes. The Affiliate Tube Success Academy has a total of 9 Modules that will teach you:

  • The 24 Hour Ranking System
  • Live Ranking Case Studies
  • What is the best Free Traffic source
  • Where to Find untapped products to Promote
  • Using the Power of 3 To Explode Conversions
  • Equip and Setting Up YouTube
  • Magic of the 24hr ranking system
  • How to cheat finding Golden Key Words
  • Proven 1K a day Formula
  • Facebook Group
  • A lot More

So, Does ATS Academy Work?

Remember that review we created above? Well, we did something kind of sneaky with it. We wanted to test the Affiliate Tube Success concepts on the ATS Academy Review video. I know right — really meta of us.

But below you can see the results in real-time!!! We think you will be shocked, just like us!


So, take it for what it’s worth, it’s only one test result, but we think you will agree the results are pretty good! Ranking on the first page of Google in 20 minutes is pretty insane.

At the very least, we think it’s worth continuing to use and test moving forward as traffic is king and if you can replicate these results even half the time, then this course could be a game-changer.

*** Real Time Update***

We just posted the video above about the results we got with our Affiliate Tube Success Review Video and how it updated in 22 Minutes. Well, our update video just ranked in 11 Minutes. Here is a screenshot from the first page of Google.

This is our video ranking in 11 minutes – the bad news is our first video got bumped to #4 so not on the carousel first page.

What we don’t like about ATS Academy?

Right now the biggest issue with ATS is that it is pretty costly. Now, we know a lot of you are going to say that potentially getting page 1 rankings on Google can literarily be worth limitless income.

We get that, and we agree. But the cost of the Academy is costly enough where it’s probably not an option for everyone.

For that reason, we recommend you don’t jump in and buy it unless you are 100% sure this course is for you. We recommend taking a much deeper look at Paul and his course before making a purchase.

Paul has been gracious enough to set up a few pretty awesome and comprehensive ways to get a feel for the training before you decide to purchase the course. Which is pretty awesome.

So, here is what we recommend…

Jump on and watch this recorded training, we jumped on last week and watched it. Paul and Mike Filsaime put on this training and it was packed with results and actionable training. This will give you a great idea about what Paul teaches and if it might before you.

Here is the best part, if you want to get the course, Paul put together an insane bonus and discount for Mike’s community, and it’s still live as of the time of this video, so you can take advantage of 50% off through that offer!!


Second… Take full advantage of this 10 Day FREE Training where Paul will teach you more about the Affiliate Tube Success System.


In case you don’t want to wait and want to go straight to the course. Here is our affiliate link – You will save and we will get a commission when you purchase the course.


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